We offer high quality Godrej ac service centre in Kolkata at cheap rates to cool the burn in your pocket. You will not have to spend a large amount on repairing or purchasing a new air conditioner. In Air Cooling Centre, we believe that the best way to avoid an emergency is to plan it in advance. Therefore, set the time for repair of an air conditioner in Kolkata today and be prepared to fight hot summer with the conference.

Our services include

  • Repair for all brands of AC.
  • We provide you door to door Godrej AC services. If you need our help, then we are just a call away.
  • We work in Kolkata and soon we are going to expand our services such as major cities like Kolkata.
  • Our staff is well trained and experienced. We have solutions for all types of repair and maintenance and proper equipment to provide such services.
  • We also provide repair and maintenance of annual maintenance contracts. We are a reliable name in air conditioner contractors.
  • We also provide services like new establishments and other related activities.
Godrej AC service centre in Kolkata

We cannot reduce the temperature outside to provide you the cooling effect, but we can definitely ensure the condition of the air conditioner in case you work fully. This will at least make you feel cool at high temperatures. There are very few machines which will be tested on time. Even they can go so far without human intervention. A device that is kept together by a man requires a check and a correction to keep it running, and so is the story with your air conditioner. AC breakdowns are common and less or more inevitable after a point. However, it is not necessary that you have a sign of getting a new AC for home. Due to Air Cooling Centre Air Cool, now AC repair in Kolkata is possible and possible.

Our different Godrej AC services Centre in Kolkata

We provide a series of air conditioner repair services in Kolkata, which is bound to cover all the flaws that an air conditioner can develop over time. We have listed them below.

AC unit gas charging and leak repair
To keep the system running, the gas has to be charged when the pressure is low. We charge it after thorough investigation for leak, whose presence will provide gas charging futile. Godrej AC services Centre in Kolkata makes special efforts to ensure proper care is taken before any move ahead of the leak. Occasionally, due to the smooth running of the air conditioner, it reduces human touch due to cleaning them. The repair provided by our organization in Kolkata includes dry servicing which makes it possible to clean the entire unit - both indoor and outdoor through the blower.

Replacing Compressor:

Compressors are one of the most important functions of AC - circulating refrigerant. In essence, it is very important for the functioning of an AC. A compressor, however, is victim of electrical variations and similar electrical problems. That compressor needs to be replaced with haste. Godrej AC services Centre in Kolkata provides compressor replacement and also provides warranty period.

We believe our air conditioner repair service is your best choice. There are several reasons why we are confident about the quality of our services

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